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Brewing Supplies

Common brewing supplies are found in some kits. These kits are founded from one or two cans and can weigh 1.5 or 1.8 kilograms. Usually, these kits include several ingredients and require others in order to brew your own beer. The two major ingredients in kits will be investigated and the insufficiencies of these kits will be addresses in the later portion of this description.

The kits are usually aimed at providing the hops, yeast, and possibly other flavors. The yeast comes in two major possibilities, liquid, typically found in a can, or spray dried, usually found in a bag. The yeast is a growing agent that falls under the fungi kingdom. Yeast is typically added after the wort separation in the production of beer. As such, yeast is a critical and necessary component to other common brewing supplies.

The kits also typically include hops. Hops are the female flowers of the humulus plant. Hops are added to beer to give it flavor and depending on the plant the flavors vary by region. Usually this is added earlier in the production of beer, prior to the yeast in order to add a specific flavor. As show, hops are a critical portion in the production of beer. In an analogy, hops are to beer and grapes are to wine and thus compose another important element to brewing supplies.

However, these kits will often not include the numerous kettles, spatulas, boiling instruments, and other physical cooking and straining devices that are exogenous to the ingredients listing. The kits also do not come with water and occasionally have the brewer add more sugar. It is for these reasons that brewing kits are not wholly sufficient in becoming a home brewing, but merely represent a possible step in addition to the accumulation of other brewing supplies.


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